Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)


Are you having difficulty focusing at work, organizing your space, misplacing items, losing track of time, feeling scattered, and/or struggling with time management? Through a comprehensive evaluation I will determine whether these tendencies are due to adult ADHD.


The evaluation will begin with a clinical intake interview, including questions about your educational and employment history, personal life management, family and social relationships.    You will be asked to complete a self-report questionnaire about these symptoms, and with your consent, a person very close to you will also complete a questionnaire about your symptoms.


If you are diagnosed with ADHD, you may be relieved to discover that there is an explanation for the frustrating symptoms you have experienced throughout your life.


Following the assessment, I will:


  • Share the results of your questionnaire(s) with you

  • Discuss diagnostic impressions about whether ADHD and/or

       other issue(s) or diagnoses may help explain your challenges

  • Explain the basics of ADHD as a neurobiological disorder

  • Offer a reading list to learn more about ADHD

  • Discuss strategies to address ADHD challenges

  • Refer you to a psychiatrist to consider a trial of medication,

      if appropriate


I provide structured therapy and offer practical ways to help you manage your symptoms of ADHD.   Since stress can exacerbate ADHD, leading to more difficulty with focus, memory and time management, we will find ways to manage life stressors more effectively.



I also address the emotional impact of ADHD on your work, home and interpersonal areas of your life.  It is not uncommon to have feelings of sadness or anxiety as a result of ADHD. Often, treatment of ADHD will help to alleviate associated symptoms of anxiety and depression. Many adults whose ADHD was not diagnosed in childhood feel the residual effect of years of misunderstood challenges and benefit from addressing these feelings in therapy.  After working with you on managing ADHD symptoms, I may recommend that you seek a medication consultation as an adjunct to your therapy sessions.