Dr. Kara Goobic       Autism and ADHD across the lifespan

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I have devoted my professional career to helping individuals with autism spectrum disorders as well as those with AD/HD. I have extensive training and experience in working with people who struggle with these disorders. My training in working with those on the autism spectrum began with my postdoctoral fellowship at the University of North Carolina TEACCH Autism Program. TEACCH is an evidence-based training, and research program for individuals of all ages and skill levels with autism spectrum disorders. In addition we also provided direct services to clients with these disorders. My experience with autism spectrum disorders continued at the Kennedy Krieger Center for Autism and Related Disorders, affiliated with Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD.

Later, I practiced at the Chesapeake ADHD Center of Maryland, in Silver Spring Maryland.  At the Center I treated children, teens and adults with ADHD using an approach that is supportive, practical, and solution-focused. Using this approach I was able to help people recognize strengths and minimize daily challenges at school, at work, and in their private lives.

My interest and commitment to helping those with autism spectrum disorders lead to my receiving training in the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS). I use this measure, along with others, to diagnose autism spectrum disorders. The measure is incredibly useful not only for diagnostic purposes, but also in treatment planning.

In general the clients I work with on the autism spectrum are teenagers, young adults and adults. The focus of my clinical work with these individuals tends to focus on providing education about the diagnosis, helping the person to advocate for him or herself, and managing anxiety. Anxiety usually occurs in social situations such as in work place environments and in personal relationships. I help my clients to better understand and manage their social relationships at school, at work, and at home. 

Developing independent living skills is also another focus of my treatment approach.  Many individuals on the autism spectrum as well as those with AD/HD benefit from similar strategies designed to help people develop executive functioning skills. I help my clients learn the basics of daily life management, time management, and planning.

In addition to psychotherapy, I work with parents to help them advocate for their child. A first step in this process is to help them to better understand their child so that they can support the child’s particular needs, whether AD/HD or autism spectrum, or both in school and in life. Home consultations are also an option for parents who want support and ideas for managing any behavioral problems that arise.

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Initial Visit

I recommend a 90-minute initial visit. This allows sufficient time to discuss areas of concern, symptoms, personal and family history, relevant medical information, and to answer any questions concerning my practice or paperwork. Following the initial visit, we will discuss treatment options and recommendations and we will decide together how to proceed in your sessions. 

Prior to the initial visit, please download and complete the first three PDF forms above. You may fax or email the forms to me in advance, or bring them with you to the first appointment.

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